The Island of New

Found in the Archives #1 PLAUSIBLE (Circa 2000)

The origin of Fortunata
15 February 2011 at 14:01

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This was from a ‘Visions’ Blog that I used to write when I was involved in IT.
The idea came from a game I devised for my son who was too bright and too bored to play with Lego.
Imagine setting up a new society that is based on what we know now, not based on what we learned a thousand years ago. if we question everything, we can improve everything.
So let’s walk out of “Ordinary”  and take a fantasy trip onto the island of “Plausible”, on the other side of the earth is the island of “Implausible”. Depending on when you read this, you can decide which of the islands we are on.
The Ancient Romans created our roads system, based entirely on the width of their 2 horse chariots. This has defined the shape of our Rail, Auto and even some of our Space Vehicles. Only the Aeroplane has struck out on its own with non-standard gauge wheel distances. Imagine – starting all over again…
In order to rethink things, we are imagining that we are building a city on a desert island that has no infrastructure. The island is 100 km (60 miles) in diameter,  relatively flat, with no major rivers or lakes. The maximum land altitude is 300 meters (1000 ft). Slopes are gentle and mainly drop to the East. There are vast mineral deposits, although some of these are deep.
The island is situated on the equator in the Pacific Ocean.
What do we need to begin to make this place useful and fertile?
How will we arrange our infrastructure?
What gets built first and why?
We are not limited to the standards of the rest of the world – we might be able to recreate some for ourselves if we think things through.
Send in your ideas for how to create a better place – perhaps we should have Jetson’s architecture, perhaps underground…
Let the ideas fly

Your opinion is valued

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