Returning to Oz

Originally Posted: Jan 22, 2008
An eventful year is unfolding.By mid-February, I will be back in Australia – this time with Gisela ( *Intergrativeone ) and her son Jack, a photographer.

Jack will be on holiday for 3 months, during which time we hope to introduce him to the wonders of Australia, and let him see the operations of the Gallery and Studio there.

Gisela and I will be pursuing our Art, especially in an area that we found quite new and exciting. Technically this consists of a number of stages, and can be applied to any subject, but in our case, it will tend to be Nudes in the Dawn of Nature.
The stages are:
1/ Find the perfect model (easy – Australia is teeming with beautiful people!)
2/ Find the perfect location (duh… 100 yards away from the front door seems right)
3/ Find the perfect light… (ditto duh….  thats why I moved to Port Macquarie, and love dawn!)
4/ Aim and shoot….  just needs a battery charge and we’re away!
5/ Walk 100 yards, download images, select and edit – drink coffee.
6/ Print selected images on ‘secret formula’ paper from our amazing Giclee printer… more coffee.
7/ Dangle pics in front of Gisela, while she mixes paint (Top secret formula) and makes coffee.
8/ Tap foot incessantly, drinking coffee, while Gisela ‘overpaints’ the printed photograph.
9/ Race the painted image downstairs to our Framing department, and have the archival process completed without spilling coffee.
10/ Hang the Framed image in the Gallery as the doors open for coffee at 10am.
11/ Try to hold back the throngs of people clamouring for our art – give up and spill the coffee!

We will also be travelling a little, but working mainly between Port Macquarie and Brisbane (Its a family thing).

Will the perfect model, please standup, turnaround, and bring me a coffee…..? Lets get this show on the road!!!

…. and the beat goes on …….

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