Come one, come all!

I have told Gayle we should take advantage of the warmer weather up North, and thats partly true… the fact that Art Nude modelling is no fun for anyone in the cold, also counts.   eRomantica  Pure-Nude-Art

While I am showing Gayle the beauty of the rain-forests and the Great Barrier Reef – I am also on the lookout for models, locations and of course some of the dance schools that are interested in the concept of : ModelDancer 

We are planning to come back via the inland route, but we can be swayed, depending on who we meet along the way, who we can collaborate with and of course, what roads are open in the Outback.

Our ‘destination’ will be North of Cairns, with stops to and from anywhere we have opportunities, so we will shoot for our supper as we travel – offer a bed for the night and we’ll make a deal – maybe a shoot, a Limited Edition print, some web design… just so long as everyone finds some value. Need a lift an hour up the road…? we just might shoot you along the way !! We are looking to launch yet another website, so if your name is Dawn, you will definitely be shot! DawnImages 

This is the plan… if anyone lives in any of these areas give us a shout. Would love to have a coffee and talk Art – or anything – as we have done all over Europe, Thailand and the USA. We learn so much from these jaunts… make wonderful friends along our way.


Location: Ballina / Byron Bay  NSW      Approx: 07/23/2009
Location: Gold Coast Qld – Australia Approx: 07/24/2009 – shoots booked
Location: Brisbane Qld – Australia Approx: 07/25/2009 – shoots booked
Location: Noosa / Sunshine Coast Qld – Approx: 07/26/2009 – shoots booked
Location: Bundaberg – Gladstone Qld – Approx: 07/27/2009
Location: Mackay Qld – Australia Approx: 07/29/2009
Location: Rockhampton – Great Keppel Approx: 07/28/2009
Location: Townsville Qld – Australia Approx: 07/30/2009
Location: Cairns Qld – Australia Approx: 07/31/2009
Location: Cape Tribulation – Cooktown Approx: 08/02/2009

Yes we have to come back again…. but… we have no idea… we’ll keep you informed!

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