3 Months in Oz – over

Originally Posted:  Nov 14, 2007
The paperwork is finally through and I’ve been accepted by the French Foreign Legion!So…. AWAY…. again…. actually back to the US to take a whole bunch of Ballet and Romantic pictures, and to learn humility….

I never used to be perfect, but if I achieve humility, I will be!

One of the most memorable weeks!!

After three failed attempts to meet up with *Dollybeck and ~SimDB over the last few months, it finally came together – and just in time. (Heading back to the US for at least 3 months in just over a week…)

I have worked with them before – in Port Macquarie … 

(They came and stayed a few days) and in Canberra (I was a guest at their wedding, 

and took some shots the following day that were quite memorable; )

However, this time, with Gayle my US based partner, we stayed over – then travelled, then stayed at a holiday house on the beach, then one of their relatives house, then back again to stay with Donna & Simon at Canberra.

Gayle and I were treated like royalty (of course) and were hosted by them and their family with the greatest hospitality.  This made for effortless travel and shooting, and has been probably the most ‘ productive ‘ nude series of my life.

The effortless professionalism of this couple made shooting so simple – the ideas moved between us silently, and as soon as one image was captured, they created a new and more interesting shape, pattern, concept – idea.

Simon moved between Chef, Driver, Model and Ballet Dancer with consumate ease, while Donna prepared sweets, poured a lot of wine and chilled quietly between shoots.

Standing on the edge of a precipice, posing in FREEZING waterfalls, or walking through the snake infested bush seemed just so natural for both Donna and Simon, I should have made a film.

Thank you also to Ruth, Manfred, Megsy and Dixie for the rollicking good time in the middle of nowhere!

If you need models that make stuff happen – easily……
:icondollybeck: & :iconsimdb: are necessary for your projects.
I’m trying to import them to the US…. so get in quick Australia…

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