How little I knew

Originally Posted: Mar 9, 2009

After giving grief to the US government for the past 12 months, and complaining bitterly about the system, they gave actually gotten off their collective butts and issued me a green card. So… complain all you like, I’m part of the furniture. A Permanent Resident – it’s up to me if I want to become a citizen, but they can’t kick me out, even if they wanted to. They slipped – they think that this subversive individual fits in well enough to be a valuable part of their culture…. Well I’ll show them!!!

I have been probed as all aliens that fall into the hands of the authorities at area 51 have been for decades. I have been injected with solutions that will counteract all the STDs that gather on toilet seats, and had my irises radiated with gamma rays, my fingerprints taken, my tax records and police records checked for the past …. 20 years, and they still let me in… hahahaha – that’ll teach ’em!

Now that I’m here… I’m gone… off to Europe, where I was accepted 20 years ago… Now it all gets easier – I can breeze in and out without asking permission, standing in a queue, or feeling like a furriner everywhere.

Mind you, it’s been so long since I’ve been to or lived in Australia – I’m not sure what to expect – DAMN… I hope I haven’t picked up a Southern Accent – that would really freak me out.

If you want to come and live in the States – I’ve found the back door – shhhhh – I can get you in!!!

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