And the worm turns

Originally Posted Au5 12, 2010

After having been told that I have to leave the US by 25th August, having my Green Card cancelled, my travel documents cancelled, I petitioned the US Government to re-open my case.

That came at a fee, and had to be accompanied by sworn affidavits from multiple people. That petition was delivered to the US Government within 24 hours of receiving the initial notification that I had been declared Illegal.

I hadn’t heard back. Time to make travel arrangements to get out of Dodge. I found an old inquiry number and tried one more time to get through the jungle of telephone trees and being placed on hold.

I asked the question: ‘Am I permitted to stay, pending the outcome of my petition?’

After being re-routed 7 times, the answer came back: ‘You are not permitted to leave, pending the outcome of the petition.’

Perhaps the irony is unfolding slowly. I was able to work and travel freely in the US, now, I am required to stay in the country as an Illegal.

I do feel like a puppet on a string, and I am surely not the one holding the strings.

I now await the outcome of the petition to re-open my case. If that fails, I will be required to leave the country in 28 days. The petition will be decided anytime within 2 weeks and 2 years.

My destiny is in the hands of others, again, still…..

Everything has changed… Nothing has changed.

…. and the worm turns.

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