Up, up and away

Originally Published: May 3, 2007
A Golden OpportunityEvery once in a lifetime, there is a golden opportunity – that is begging to be opportuned…I don’t want to jinx myself – not that I’m superstitious – but I would prefer to report on the future events as they become present, rather than the current decision, that has opened up the future.

Some hints:
Firstly, it entails travel.
Secondly it entails a meeting
Thirdly it will impact my soul, my health, my work and my art enormously.

I will be leaving Australia in a couple of weeks, and won’t be back until mid-August (at least).
My Gallery here in Australia, will be closed for business – health has wound back some of its functions, and a distinct lack of manpower will keep the doors closed.

I will be able to continue to upload edits and hopefully some new work also, while I am away.

This is truly a life changing opportunity, and I urge anyone that can see when there is a major challenge, dream or opportunity available, to follow it through – whether it becomes successful or not.  Personally I could not live with the words hanging over me “What if…?”

Follow your Yellow Brick Road – mine goes from Oz all the way to Kansas and beyond.


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