How to become an Aussie

Originally Posted:  August 2009

For those of you that don’t know already, I’m an Australian, residing in the US with a Green Card and special Visa.

This all came about because I found the love of my life hiding away in the South of the US of A.

How it happened is weird. The fact that it happened is weirder. Now – things have changed.

After Gayle visiting Australia 3 times over the last 3 1/2 years, learning how to get Australian Residency, and me visiting the US 4 times over that same period, attempting to gain the right to wait in the US while Gayle’s residency came through, I had scored a Green Card, A Temporary, Renewable Permanent Visa and the right to stay in the US until my permanency had been decided by Homeland Security in the US.

Today I received the letter.

I have to leave the US within 28 days permanently. I can re-apply to enter the US in another 5 years. I have been advised that it will be denied anyway.

Gayle does not have a place in Australia, and may not ever score one, as I have been asked to leave the US.

I do not have a place in the US.

Our Governments have split us up, until we can find an island that will welcome us both.

Life sucks – then you die.

That is all.
****** UPDATE **************

Helpful Australian Embassy in DC has arranged to have Gayle’s documents continuously processed, regardless of where she is. That does mean that we can return to Australia, pending her final acceptance as a permanent resident. We will have to travel out of Australia to collect the Permanent Residency, but anywhere will do.

The timing is really bad for us to return to Australia right now, there are so many more US documents that Gayle has to gather together and it is obviously more easily done in the US.

Still, the stress level was dropping, and then Gayle was rear ended in the car. All OK, but our little baby has a broken butt!

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