Verdancia Is

Verdancia is a National Park. 

The island is an ancient natural rainforest teeming with life. Human impact is kept to a minimum, although there is a small hostel like building attached to the Administrators office. This accommodation is used by students and scientists as their base for field studies, population counts and disease control.


Small groups are allowed to book access to the island, after receiving a training course from the Forest Rangers. Groups are limited to 10 members.


Access permits are usually limited to one or two day passes. The Ranger drops visitors at the jetty and collects them at a pre-arranged time.


Verdancia has a few remaining primitive relics of the old days of Fortunata – these would require modern interpretation as there has been no direct link with that culture. It appears that different tribes lived on different islands and had a peculiar taste for human flesh until almost everyone was wiped out.


The modern inhabitants of the Fortunata Group possibly came from a variety of trading ships and were probably stranded or shipwrecked on the islands up to a thousand years ago.



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