Indisgresso Is

Indisgresso is a restricted area.
Indisgresso is only occupied by people that have broken the laws of Fortunata.


All sentences involve a style of open exile at the island of Indisgresso, a dangerous place where the inhabitants are all convicted felons, and there is often a secondary punishment meted out by the inmates.


The island has a stock of wild oxen, goats, sheep, pigs and the inmates breed their own chickens and ducks.


Inmates make spears, knives and bows & arrows to assist their capture of livestock. Some long term residents have domesticated some of the livestock in the past, but little is known of their current situation.


There are no prison officers or legal system operating at Indisgresso, so the dangers can be mortal. There is no electronic communication with the outside world, so contact is restricted to mail only. Visitors are never permitted at Indisgresso.


The island is approximately 12 km by 7 km in a kidney shape. Various attempts been made to make rafts and escape from Indisgresso, but there have been no reportings or sightings of any of the convicts that appear to have disappeared from the island.


The recidivist rate is the lowest in the world, although Fortunata is not proud of the current death rate on Indisgresso.


Indisgresso is the worst of the islands. It is the home of the violent offenders and the white collar bandits alike. They run their own island with little assistance or involvement of the government of Fortunata. They either make it work, or not.

Indisgresso has water and electricity and there is a reasonable standard of housing but there is no Internet, no Telephone, no Transportation.  Offenders are simply dropped off at the wharf like a sack of mail, and what they do from there on is their own concern.


Food is grown, captured or not available. Wild pigs, goats, sheep and oxen roam the hills and as no firearms are available, hunting is back to spears, clubs and archery.

Some subsistence farming exists and the locals seem to work out their own needs in a less governed manner. They make up their own laws, rules and punishments – they become their own judge and jury. Local leaders seem to last for a remarkably short time

Appeals to be able to return to the main island are heard frequently, but of some of the people just go missing or resign themselves to staying a part of that existence forever.


Assistance is always at hand for those Indisgresso residents that wish to publish literary and artistic works and the style of music and art has become known worldwide as simply “Gresso“. These artworks are left, together with mail at the wharf making this their only contact with the outside world.


There is no formal currency, education, or employment, so the inhabitants reap little of the rewards of their cousins less than 10 kilometers across the ocean.

Many of those that have spent time at Indisgresso have an appeal that will allow them to re-enter one of the other islands, but never the main island until their full term is completed.


Of course the crime rate in Fortunata is extremely low – the lowest in the democratic world.


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