Fortunata Is

Fortunata Group

Fortunata is an island group in the Indian Ocean consisting of 12 main islands and 36 minor (mainly uninhabited) islands.

The Republic of Fortunata is an independent democratic republic ruled by a parliament.

Largest island Fortunata approximately 750 square kilometers

Total of all islands in the group 4800 square kilometers

Currency is the Fortunata Dollar ($FOD) which is aligned to the Singapore Dollar and trades on the Singapore Stock Exchange


The tiny island nation of Fortunata is dotted in the middle of the Indian Ocean. It is made up of a dozen or more major islands, almost all within sight of the main island plus a number of smaller islands, some as small as a football field. The capital city, Heureuse is the administration, cultural and commercial centre of the group.

Other islands include PerturbiaImpedia, IndisgressoCaverna, Verdancia and Portia.

Their system of Government is small, but largely, the people are rich.

Unlike the huge Western Governments, Fortunata residents don’t pay taxes – well, not directly.

The island group has abundant natural resources probably born of the volcanoes that created it tens of thousands of years ago.

The employment rate is high, and the incentive to work hard is huge, because every penny earned, is kept by the worker. Most workers opt for a 4 day week, working up to 9 hours per day. Meal breaks are usually taken on the job and employers value the high quality of their workers. All workers receive one month paid leave per year, plus numerous declared holidays. Sick leave is paid for up to 20 days without a doctor’s certificate. With a doctor’s certificate, the Government pays the workers’ wages indefinitely.

All businesses and households receive free water, natural gas & electricity, as part of their natural right. Every business, household and person has a free email address, telephone number and mail service. All insurance is covered by the government, Education to Degree Level (at least) is free and all Health Care is provided free except for totally elective work such as cosmetic surgery etc.

People are encouraged to grow their own food, use solar and wind power, bank their money and invest.

At age 60, people may retire on a full pension, although many avail themselves of a plan to work from home and contribute their knowledge and labor back to the community. The pension is equal to their last full year’s income, adjusted annually to keep up with the cost of living.

There are many bicycles on the island. All bicycles are owned by the government and distributed freely. No-one owns a bicycle, but they are encouraged to use one whenever possible.

The Bicycle Factory exports bicycles all over the world.

Of course some things are expensive in Fortunata.

Alcohol is part of the culture of Fortunata, but public drunkenness earns you a week at Perturbia for a first offence. Habitual drinkers are moved to Perturbia and if complaints continue they are then moved to Impedia. They may even be voted out of Impedia and after a hearing at Portia, they may be sentenced to a term at Indisgresso.

The local cocoanut rum is exported worldwide, bearing the familiar Island Girl logo.

Fortunata has a liberal approach to sexuality. Youth are expected to experiment with ‘same age partners’ and there is no legal or social distinction between same sex or opposite sex partners.

Marriage is common for graduates although many people remain in semi-communal housing for some years after their degree. This housing is usually privately held and rented, and is like an upscale version of the communal dormitories available at the university.

The marriage ceremony is based on the traditional tribal marriages and includes the couple to be immersed in water by an elder of the island and to be brought back to dry land by those that approve of the union. The marriage ceremony is seen as a social acceptance, and bears no legal or religious burden.

While marriages are theoretically monogamous, open affairs are more likely to occur than secret trysts. The nature of the people prefers infidelity to deceit, so it is not uncommon for a short term third party to stay at a couple’s home to ‘work through’ the infidelity. Divorce is rare, but as there are few statistics on marriage, and an exact percentage of divorce is unable to be given.

The government gives a gift package of a holiday at Caverna, which is often upgraded by the couple or their families.

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