Ferrica Is

Ferrica Island is leased to Ferrica Singapore Pte Ltd, a multi national ore conglomerate that mines iron and zinc.


Ferrica has a small population of imported staff, mainly from Singapore housed in company built dwellings, as well as housing production staff that are ferried to work from the neighbouring islands.


While the outside view of the island is similar to most of the other islands, (high cliffs, tropical vegetation) the island has a volcanic core of iron ore that is being mined, and at the same time, creating a new Caverna style island that will eventually be returned to Fortunata as a vacation destination.




The core of the volcano is being hollowed out and as work continues, a tunnel will be cut from the excavated crater through to the sea, allowing ship access to the internal crater. When the lease is completed, this will be landscaped in accordance with the environmental guidelines to create the main terminal for cruise ships and holiday makers.


Currently all ships are loaded via direct conveyor belts to the ships hold across the top of the island.


As the depth continues, tunnels will be built in accordance with a strategy plan, allowing easier access to shipping. All of these tunnels will later become access routes to the features on the vacation island.


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