Caverna Is

Most visitors to Fortunata come to see the island of Caverna.

This island is dripping with natural beauty – immense rainforest trees trail aerial roots into limestone caves that contain opalized rocks that glisten colorfully with the tiniest beam of light.

Some caves are large enough to maneuver large vessels filled with excited tourists deep into the island. One of these caves eventually opens out to a small crater lake that is overgrown with vines and the local fruit trees.

The Western cliff-side of this sea lake boasts the local variety of Pueblo cave homes. These are actually short term accommodation villas that have been erected solely to extract huge sums of money from the world’s richest tourists. Each of these villas has private staff to cater for the most whimsical eccentric.

The Eastern bank has a natural beach where the afternoon sun plays down on bronzed bodies sipping $150 cocktails. The population appears as though they are from a movie set – too young to be this rich, too beautiful to be hidden away. Obviously, many of them are between films or boasting a new partner to the rich and famous.

The beleaguered newspaper moguls can’t afford to get their reporters in here… but there is sometimes a TV crew that can’t bear to miss the opportunity of catching a starlet topless in the lake.

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