Trading Partners

Fortunata deals with Trading Partners across the world.

Because of the diversity of Natural Resources in the Fortunata Islands, a wide range of Trading Partners work on various islands within the group.


Mining for various ores (especially on Ferrica) is undertaken where both partners (Fortunata and the Contract company) achieve great value. The stable climate, proximity to Asian Ports and even the time zone work well for our Trading partners, while Fortunata benefits beyond the mineral trading price.


When our steel partners needed to bring in 100 supervisory staff, they also had a need for satellite communications, internet and guaranteed services that were beyond those services available in Fortunata at that time.


The Trading agreement gave a guaranteed financial return for ore over a 20 year period, provided refined materials such as Steel and Aluminum to Fortunata as well as bringing Satellite Television, Broadband Internet and the ability for Fortunata to manage its own TLD (Top Level Domain).


More than 1000 citizens are employed by this primary contractor while local secondary industries are able to buy raw materials from the government reserves at exceptionally competitive prices.


Other Trading Agreements vary in term from 3 to 15 years and show a commitment to the quality of raw materials available in the islands.


The government is currently in the final negotiations with a major supplier of hard disk drives to build a manufacturing plant on one of the smaller islands. This will leverage the current work force and require a great depth of Research & Development in the use of Rare Earth Elements, their refining and processing in a growing industry.


The Indian Ocean Alternative Energy Research Institute was established by the government of Fortunata in 1992 to attract partners to assist in the establishment of the world’s first alternative energy country.   During the 1990s the design and implementation of the current system was enabled, proving that even small countries with limited land can achieve energy independence.


The .FU Domain has been a great success story and has further enabled all residents to be permanently online, free of charge, for life.


The wide acceptance of the .FU domain has largely been due to the adult industry throughout the US & Europe

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