Each of the main islands are connected by a series of major undersea pipelines. These pipelines transport Electricity, Water, and Communications etc…

Apart from the main commercial hub of the city of Heureuse, most roadways are more like driveways – narrow and almost flat. They can take a single lane of traffic, including a large truck, in a single direction. In the small housing estates, the same situation applies, although there are various small ‘turnouts’ that allows vehicles to pass when oncoming. These are every 200-300 meters and are similar in effect to a railway siding or shunt line.

All of the small roadways are serviced by wide spoon gutters that narrow before dropping to the underground sewer system. As the gutters narrow, any water that passes through activates a tiny spinner, which generates a small amount of power. These spinners are also attached to the gutters and downpipes of all buildings – commercial, residential and industrial.

As electricity is free throughout the islands, power outlets and charging stations abound. You can charge your cell phone at the bus stop, in the bus or at a coffee shop – it makes no difference, power is power.

Water is reticulated and filtered at a series of water treatment plants. Each island has its own sub-system, purifying water from the crater lakes and run off dams.

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