Health Care

Health Care in Fortunata


Health Care is free for citizens.


If you need to go to a GP, there is no billing mechanism. You simply sign to say that you have attended, and walk away.


If you are referred to a specialist, all visits to that specialist are free.

If you need to go to the E.R., they only want to know your name to look at your medical history.


Once again, there is no billing mechanism.

Stay in a hospital and you will be cared for until you are ready for discharge, free.


Call an ambulance, you will be transported to the nearest E.R. free of charge.

Rescue boats and helicopters are also on call – free of charge when required.


Prescription Medicines are available from a pharmacist – free of charge.

Occupation Health Services, Dental Health, Dentures, Eye tests, Spectacles, Contact Lenses, Hearing Tests and Hearing Aids are all freely available.


From the doctors’ perspective, they need to record the work that was performed, and they are directly reimbursed by the government, online, on the day.


A doctor’s lobby group makes an application for new fee schedules based on time, equipment, staffing and extra study time to maintain credentials and keep abreast of new skills and services. These applications are heard at a Tribunal hearing at Portia.


The needs of the people are considered before the needs of any individual.

Your opinion is valued

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