dot FU

Fortunata is the holder of the Top Level Domain “.FU”


Rather than use that domain for their own people, Fortunata sells rights to use that domain to organizations from other countries that would like to define their pages with the .FU title.


Apart from a few companies that have used the .FU to denote activities such as Kung-Fu Martial Arts, all usage of the .FU title has been taken up by the Adult Industry.


As Fortunata has no laws against nudity, pornography or anything to do with the adult industry, these companies feel protected by having their Server Farms hosted at Fortunata.


This increases revenue for Fortunata, and assures Fortunata of the satellite bandwidth that it would never have considered without the assistance of the Adult Industry.


All Fortunata adults have free access to all the content on the .FU TLD and of course more than 200 residents are directly employed in the industry with an estimated 3000 involved in flow on jobs.


This has taken off so well that one of the outlying smaller islands is being considered as the full time headquarters and film set for the largest producers in the Adult Film Industry; creating further job opportunities for the local population, massive building and infrastructure upgrades and tourism opportunities.


When questioned about whether this might change the perception of Fortunata on the world stage, the Telecommunications Minister stated, “Fortunata is known by few and criticized by many, we only see that Fortunata will be known by more and criticized by fewer.” When asked about the content that will be produced, he remarked, “After lengthy discussions with the stake holders, they are aware of our primary rule of law, ‘Be Nice’ and have agreed that no actual pain will be involved in any of the scenes.”


Final discussions will reveal the extent of the Trade partnership, but it is expected that a “Fantasy Island” will be created to allow (wealthy) fans the opportunity to live on the island during the making of films and to interact with the stars and producers and to even become extras on the set.


The island that has been selected has a crater lake, 200 meter high cliffs to the ocean, secluded coves and endless tunnels and caves. A small jetty and helipad are established on the island as well as a single hut structure that has been used to house visiting naturalists and scientists.


Currently uninhabited, “Fantasy Island” is tiny at 15 square kilometers and is a mere seven kilometers away from Caverna, the holiday resort of the rich and famous.

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