Fortunata – Indian Ocean

Fortunata is an independent nation in the centre of the Indian Ocean.

With a history of shipwrecks, this tiny island group has only become a part of world trade since 1974 when the islands were purchased by the local inhabitants from the Seychelles.

The islands had been administered by the Seychelles since 1826 but were largely unsettled.

An independent democratic parliament was set up on June 1st 1984 to fulfill its original charter to move from privately owned, to a separate nation.

Fortunata Flag Day is celebrated each year on June 1st to mark the birth of the nation. The flag was designed by competition and signifies the 48 point sun over the sands and the fertile islands between sky and sea.

With their Australian neighbours, the Cocos (Keeling) Islands and Christmas Island, the Fortunata Group share the same sub-tropical weather, idyllic lifestyle and under utilized resources.

Significant trade agreements have led to much growth and have allowed Fortunata to thrive as a highly developed Western Culture with the peace and tranquility of a tropical paradise.

As extinct volcanic islands, the soil is rich, the crater lakes provide fresh water and the vegetation is abundant.

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