Whose Rules – Preface

Whose Rules?

A Novel


Beau Nestor

Some stories are autobiographical, some stories are fictional.  ’Whose rules’ claims to be both and neither. It is written from the perspective of a 62 year-old man looking back at memories that have been repressed, forgotten, altered with superimposed impressions and just plain mixed up. The timeline is inaccurate, there are no records available to provide deeper research, and that’s not what I want to achieve anyway.This is the notation of things that are stuck in my head, fears and triumphs; real and unreal – thoughts and memories; exaggerated and played down. In some ways this is the greater truth, the one I have lived with. If we cross-reference with others, I know that my repressed memories have bubbled over in places and sunk in others. So this is, what it is.During the course of this writing (December 2011 – December 2012) I have edited often, added anecdotes a dozen times and had so many memories flood back. It has done it’s job already and only a tiny amount has leaked from my softening brain. Perhaps no-one needs to know – fair call. But I need to say it, and I can’t expect anyone to sit around a campfire and listen to the ravings of an old man.Deal with it as you will.

Part One – The Escape

Part- Two – Rules along the road.

Australian drivers didn't wear a uniform

Australian Bottle-oh from the 1950s

Australian Horse Drawn delivery cart

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