Emotional Cubism

The world’s first geometric poem – it works if you write each verse on the side of a cube.


One on the dice is peace,

A prayer that all fighting will cease,

The top of the box is quiet,

but even this stillness, borders on riot.


Two on the dice is hate;

Just past one, but one too late

The passions on this side are easy to fill,

The temptation here is just to kill.



Three on the dice is a lucky number,

But love’s gamble can be a hell of a bummer.

This is the bottom where it’s hardest to stay,

For you’re sure you are going to fall off one day.



Four on the dice is heartfelt sorrow.

Don’t you wish you could stop tomorrow?

This side of the box is love’s best friend,

And peace will console you in the end.



Five on the dice is a front of happiness,

The face we show to all, regardless

It’s the side we show to the passerby

But all around, thee are other sides.



Last on the dice is the hidden fear,

It sulks and conceals itself in the rear.

This borders on every side, but one.

For happiness can bring this fear undone.


BN – 1964

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