Tsunami Whales

For the last 5 years I have been doing my own desktop research on the basis that there is a link between the beaching of whales and dolphins and the occurrence of earthquakes and tsunamis.

Dates and statistics are readily available. There is generally a 2 to 4 day lag between the beachings and the ensuing natural disasters.

There are conspiracy theories about US Naval Sonar Systems causing the beaching and death of whales, but after an official apology from the US Government, this practice has ceased.

There are many sites that discuss that low frequency sound waves damage the sonar systems of marine mammals.

We are not joining the dots well enough.

My contention is that marine mammals are susceptible to the very deep rumblings of the earth’s crusts, become disoriented and beach themselves. Our marine biologists rush to their assistance, but fail to report the findings to the seemingly unrelated Meteorologists and Marine Hydrologists.  Somewhere between a day and 4 days later, a major earthquake occurs in the area.

Link to Japanese Beachings March 6th 2011                    Link to Japanese Tsunami/Earthquake March 11th 2011

These are not random events nor a rash generalization – the synchronicity of events is astounding. Someone, somewhere must begin to see that there is a virtual early warning system out there. When marine mammals beach themselves we have to take note and search for geophysical anomalies that lead to an earthquake.

Link to New Zealand Beachings Feb 20th 2011                Link to New Zealand Earthquake Feb 22nd 2011

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