The Trouble with DVDs

All the things that were wrong with VHS are pretty much the same faults in DVD and Blu-Ray.
These are my proposals for Gen Next DVDs and their tuners. Profile 2.0 (standard that includes Picture in Picture etc.. starts to address some of these issues, but falls way short. BD-Profile 3.0 is for Audio Only, and addresses more of the sound issues, but of course, none of the image issues.
1/   The music and background should be on a separate sound track to the dialogue – so simple, because they were recorded that way, then mixed according to one person’s idea of balance. It could be possible to Mute Music, Mute SFX and Mute Voices separately. Missed that dialog? … Replay with the SFX turned way down or off.
2/   DVDs should have those crazy little barcodes on them, the New ones called QR-Codes.
You point your phone at the barcode and up pops the web page with the full IMDB or Wiki on the movie – so simple to do. Settles so many arguments.
We need a Phone App also that will keep a note of all DVDs watched, and the date we saw them, via either barcode. If they would only update that barcode to the new QR-Code!!! Next time we click on the barcode with our phone:
 “Watched <Feb 3rd 2012>”
‘Watched today? Y/N
‘Go to Wiki?’ Y/N?
‘Go to IMDB?’ Y/N?
“Add to Wish List” Y/N
“Email this movie code?” Y/N
Of course this barcode needs to be on the outside of the DVD box so we can perform these actions at the Video store, the retail store or from our friends collection. It also needs to appear on the Main Menu & Credits – hell – it could even be an Onscreen Display (OSD) Pop-up by using a defined Remote Control button on the player.

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