Smarter Cards

Consider the applications of a smart-card that are not being used (enough).

1/ Driver’s Licence

A card slot in a motor vehicle accepts a valid driver’s licence, ties the VIN number and date/time and allows vehicle usage only when a password/pin is entered.

The same card holds cash that can be used for motorway tolls, petrol purchases, car parks and entry to National Parks and other “fee per vehicle” activities.

This system can be used to create temporary speed zones – disabling a vehicle from travelling more than the allowed speed in a given area. Consider Road works, School Zones, Accident Zones etc..

The same card records speeds, acceleration, braking, traffic infringements together with automatic fines and can be used to ascertain insurance risk, premiums and associated surcharges. (Did you know your modern vehicle’s computer system stores much of this information, but it is normally only downloaded by a mechanic or an insurance investigator?)

While obviously this smacks of Big Brother, the fact is that all infringements would be reported, rather than just those that currently are caught by chance. Over time, it may well be that the bad drivers are funding the good drivers.

Obviously this can be linked to a breath/drug testing unit, iris reader, fingerprint reader etc… to preclude misuse.

Probationary drivers can have their speed limited, their curfews controlled.

This system would also allow Police to be able to temporarily limit or deactivate a driver’s vehicle – making the car chase a thing of the past.

Obviously Civil Liberties Groups will have a field day with this.

The technology is available, the need is obvious, and whether this year or next decade, this will occur – in my mind, the sooner, the better.

Let us consider further usage of the card, beyond simple purchases. By having a proximity sensor in the card, even greater use can be made beyond the motor vehicle.

This card contains a key to full medical records, plus vital complete records of current medication.

Rescue and emergency workers have instant access to vital data without you co-signing a bunch of forms.

That means that as you enter your doctor’s office, your records can be made available and updated. You can be directed to the appropriate waiting room or day surgery, your pharmacist can see a record of your medication.

Beyond the medical, you have a library card, whether for Government libraries or the local Video library.

You can be prompted at the supermarket to avoid a product that you have in your list of allergies.

Your Frequent Flyer Points are attached, your bonus night at the motel, your supermarket discount coupons, your preference for tea or coffee, twin single or queen bed.

You plug this license into a Communications Port and you have your TV stations available anywhere on earth, your Internet provider, anywhere.

You approach your home, your garage door opens, your front door unlocks and your path and patio lights come on.

A message pops up on the TV –

 While you were out,

 Bill and Mary came to the door at 10:15,

 Mail was delivered at 10:44,

 Garbage was collected at 11:33

 (Do you wish to view these activities? Y/N).

The security cameras you have installed play back events that were triggered by other people’s proximity sensors or movement sensors.

Your communications screen shows other information:

 Your Medical Condition has new research information available, your preferred doctor wishes you to view this data. View now Y/N?

 Your passport is due for renewal in 90 days – renew now – Y/N?

 Your Home Insurance is due in 45 days – increase cover to include recent purchases Y/N?

 Maintain same insurance company Y/N? Search for new Insurance Company Y/N?

Naturally, the passport will be automatically renewed and those details updated on your card. Foreign Visas are also logged on the card.

Because of the nature of the card, little information is unencrypted. Most will require your password, pin, iris scan, fingerprint or a mix of this bio-data.

Some, because of the nature of the data and the nature of the collecting authority, is pre-approved. For example, travelling on a Tollway gives permission for the Toll Company to charge for the service, read your license details and vehicle details, but does not give them access to your medical records or anything else.

Your preferred doctor can view and update your medical records (which are not stored, but a key to them is stored along with the date and the key to the doctors request line).

Your opinion is valued

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