Flash! Star!

For many years I have been involved in inventions. Weird things… related always to solving a problem or creating a better way to do something. I hold 4 patents but countless designs and doodads that have been passed on to others for their use.  I have a list of 1/2 completed inventions from diverse backgrounds that I think will never get past the prototype stage.

For many years I had a blog that included my predictions for technology changes over 1, 2, 5 and 10 years. Almost all of them have been realized, and I got busy doing other things, so I let it drift.

There is one piece of a technology jigsaw that has just been created that will allow for one of my concepts to one day become a reality. See this [link]

Imagine a world where the photographer never leaves home… and never has to own a camera! He just sits behind a screen, miles distant from his subject, toggles lights and baffles and shoots via a ‘WebCam’.

So we have to imagine a webcam on an eyeball swivel, zoom, focus and high resolution. Well – they are coming!

We have to imagine lights on sliders that are able to be controlled via the web. Direction, Intensity, Height etc… well they are available.

We have to imagine a single piece of software that can control all this in one.  Now we could have Robotic Studios that we simply march our portrait clients into and bark instructions over the web. Oh yeah, we need some real bandwidth….! Damn, that’ll never happen.

Imagine the possibilities of a single ‘studio’ in a remote town that allows people and products to be shot – still and video without an operator, or perhaps a receptionist only….

All those models I have met online in other countries, could be photographed so easily…  Imagine the growth of this industry by the pornsters!

Of course, I am looking down the track to a time when I am in my wheelchair, plugging away at a computer with a toothbrush paddle in my mouth, and directing traffic like I was still superman!

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