Best thing since..

There was a time when I would camp by a river, with a sleeping bag on a groundsheet, get up in the morning and wash in the river before exploring the world around me. Things have changed a little. Now that I carry a wife with me, I also have to have paper towels.

It doesn’t stop there. 

We carry the paper towels in a plastic tote box along with the rest of the kitchen, bottles of fresh water, camp stoves, folding tables and even a ‘tent’.

Well in honesty, my wife doesn’t mind roughing it, but likes to have a shower and toilet close by… but…

We met up with some dear friends that were trying out all of their camping equipment. Three man double fly tent, gazebo with walls, folding soft top table, chairs that were so comfy we fought over them, coolers, stove, lots of booze, the works.  Of course there was the fun of erecting the tent and gazebo in a windstorm and making sure they were pegged tight enough to not lift off in the night… fortunately there were guy ropes, pegs and mallets to take care of that and the earth was giving and accepting of our pegs.

We brought very little because our ‘fall back option’ is to sleep in the car – we have an eight-seater van with a 3′ foam mattress and instead of sleeping bags we have the down comforter.  But, we did bring something for the camping experience.  Our contribution cost us $6 from K-Mart and was a winner at the camping ground we stayed in…

Camping grounds are known for stubbed toes, twisted ankles and rope burns from walking into pegs and ropes, but not at our camp site. We had purchased a pack of 10 solar garden lights that were so flimsy we expected them to be a joke. Yes, they cost us $6 for 10!!! These are the little spear-in plastic lanterns that just glow enough to show themselves and not enough to actually see by. Perfect night lights. We placed them at the end of all of the extended guy ropes, lit up our camp site, stopped anyone from tripping over anything and defined our site apart from all the others.  Getting up in the night was not a problem, and returning from a visit to the amenities block could not have been easier. We were amazed at how useful they were and that no-one else had thought of it.

I can just imagine that they will start popping up in camping stores soon, or even tent pegs with solar lights built in….  

This has been a contribution from the Solar Toe Savers Community.

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