A New Day

Nothing in this story is about tomorrow – everything is available today.
A New Day:
I awake to my glasses playing Hall of the Mountain King followed by a weather report while they sit in the charger on the bedside table – Good, I know what to wear. Hauling myself off to the shower, I step inside and the shower starts at my preferred body temperature, at my preferred pressure. No wasted water or time in adjusting flow. The shower screen displays the headline news. I tap on a few of the more relevant stories and listen to the latest reports. As always, my preferred Live Cams show a few of the major intersections that I’ll be travelling on and give me a readout on traffic jams, and travel times.
Enough of that shower, but as I get out, the image reverses so that I see the screens as I dry off. Back in my room, I start to get dressed and as I select my pants, a selection of my shirts show in the mirror – I select the pre-dress feature and see myself dressed in a variety of tops that are suitable for the day’s weather conditions. Selection made, I get that shirt from the wardrobe, and immediately see the reminder for the correct belt, shoes and other accessories back on the mirror-screen. An icon of my ViewBar flashes on screen and a familiar ‘Pling’ sound is heard from the charging dock on the bedside table.
Great, the coffee is ready as always, sitting in my temperature controlled mug.
Another Pling is heard in my ear from the ViewBar – the overlay screen shows that it’s Charlie – I take the call and see that he’s nearly ready for me to pick him up – ‘Hi Charlie – be there in 5”.
As it’s going to be a sunny day, I know all the windows will switch to full solar feedback mode as I walk out the door – that’ll keep the temperature lower inside and all those rays working for me – nice to make $500 every month from the electricity company at last!
As I go out to the garage and approach the driver’s door of my car, I hear a gentle klunk as the nudge bar charger retracts, the garage door opens and the driver’s door pops open. I drop my coffee cup into the heated cup-holder
My ProximAccess Chip synchs with BioMetrics and allows full access to the vehicle’s functions. My ViewBar shows the image from the reversing cameras. Now that Solid State Disks are so inexpensive, my vehicle is programmed to keep the last month’s Digital Video Files from all six external cameras as well as the TeleMetrics from the vehicle in case of an insurance claim.
The car clicks and then purrs gently as it rolls quietly from the garage.
NEXT: The Trip

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