Innovation 101

Attempting to bring together a wide variety of concepts to create wiser, more ecologically sustainable and beneficial products that will benefit humanity.

The problem with Inventors and Innovators is that they operate in a vacuum far too often. Certainly, Incubators & Think Tanks exist, but there are thousands more of us with ideas, that will never be invited to participate – this is Our Forum.

The more you comment, link and discuss, the better off we all will be – or at least, that’s the concept.

The more ideas that innovators hear about, the faster they will come up with the next version,  the better variety or the (hopefully) more sustainable variety.

Although I have no qualifications in the area, I continue to see opportunities to alleviate flood, drought, hunger and create better housing even in these times of Global Warming. My decision is to put my thinking out there, so that hopefully others with greater knowledge will get a spark, compete to better my ideas or completely discount my thinking so that I can get on with better things.

In the spirit of collaboration, I will continue to link or display innovative concepts I find, that I feel have far ranging value to humanity.

Your opinion is valued

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