The ‘Me!’ Nude Project

The ‘Me!’ Nude Project
Who may participate?
The ‘Me! Project’ is currently open to all women over 18, regardless of body type, weight, etc… To that end, it is necessary to submit a personal participation request. Requests from couples will be considered. A male only project is scheduled for 2013.This project is being run internationally and there are currently examples of this work at the Nu Project – seen here. As you can see, this is about reality, not glamour.
Where do you shoot?
Our current series is set in participant homes. We are Port Macquarie, NSW based, but we often do shoots when we travel. If you are not based on the Mid North Coast, but you’d like to sign up, please send us a message on the contact form and we will be in touch if we are heading to your city.
Am I expected to be nude for the photographic session?
Yes, that is the point. The freedom that comes with nudity is essential. This is not about sexy, glamour or the perfect figure, this is about the acceptance of the reality of humanity.
What if I am concerned about being seen online?
There are 2 answers to that. Either, don’t participate, or decide to have an ‘Anonymous Me!’shoot. With an ‘Anonymous Me!’ shoot, your face will always be obscured.
Do you pay me / Do I have to pay you?
Participation in the project is free, but for your time you’ll receive approximately 10 retouched, finished images for your own personal use. We ask that if you use the images online, you accompany each with a photo credit and link to this ‘Me! Project’ website.
How long does a shoot take?
Usually around an hour if we’re in the studio and approximately 2 hours if we’re on location.
How long does it take to get my images?
Processing times vary depending on how busy we are with other work. We will contact you by email when your images are ready in general the answer is within one week.
What are you going to do with the images?
They will be part of eRomantica website and this blog. We’re also hoping to publish them in a book. We are negotiating with other international sites to bring these various projects together to celebrate the freedom and humanity of the nude.
If I don’t want you to use my images online / in print?
This project is all about the willingness of the subjects to share their stories in a public way. We understand that it’s not right for everybody, so if you’re interested in a private shoot or a couples shoot that doesn’t get published to the ‘Me! Project’, those begin at $250 and can include a print credit. Please contact us if you want more information.
What’s the next step if I want in?
Please fill out the confidential participation form and you’ll be contacted about your upcoming shoot.

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