The Gallery

We are moving from the gallery over the coming months, so we are just keeping a log of some of the angles and lighting that have been part of our environment.

Of course, if the Gallery interests you, it comes complete with Photographic Studio, Framing Gallery, Plant Nursery and Coffee Shop.

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Life for Sale – Taking Bids

It has been a good one, and got lot’s left in it – but sadly… it’s up for sale.

Imagine actually wanting to get up at dawn every morning
Imagine being located in Australia’s Most Idyllic city.
Imagine being able to take photographs of the most unbelievable crashing waves, pounding on ancient rocks.
Imagine taking photographs of the world’s most unbelievable models.
Imagine arriving back at your own studio, just after dawn and downloading and editing those images.
Imagine printing enlargements on the worlds most advanced printer while breakfast is cooking.
Imagine framing those enlargements in your own professional framing studio with supplies on hand.
Imagine hanging those framed enlargements in your own recognized Art Gallery.
Imagine opening the doors at 9am with “My Morning” on display as a Limited Edition Art Print.
Imagine having coffee in your own coffee shop – selecting your own music.
Imagine your own coffee shop nestled between palms, ferns and bamboo with private fish ponds.
Imagine a garden that doubles as a professional nursery.
Imagine walking into the backyard and picking fruit and vegies for lunch.
Imagine making money, doing what you love.
Imagine living upstairs and feeding the amazing bird life from the patio.
Imagine setting up exhibitions with other artists and offering this venue.
Imagine having space to invite artists, models, photographers to visit and share this life.

Imagine actually wanting to get up at dawn every morning to do it all again!

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