Sandy Hook Response

Dear Mr. President.
The Second Amendment states: 

“A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

While this has been argued, ratified and deconstructed in Supreme Court decisions, there does seem to be some latitude left within the current legislation – although this is an ideal opportunity to demand an overhaul of it.

✔ 1/ Bearing arms refers to what a man can effectively carry as well as being prepared. So, maximum of two firearms per person. 
✔ 2/ Age restrictions can apply – 21 is a good start.
✔ 3/ Persons convicted of a felony lose the right to bear arms.
✔ 4/ Proceeds of crime legislation must include removal of firearms and the rights to them.
✔ 5/ Application for a permit and cooling off period should be 3 months nationwide. Real checks need to be carried out and a fee and a bond should be required. Purchase and collection of firearms should be within a short time window (e.g. one week) after notification of clearance.
✔ 6/ Training on use and safety must be mandatory. It is mandatory for Defense and Law Enforcement, it must also be for the individual. Training must be completed within the Application time, and the certificate must be produced before collection of purchases.
✔ 7/ Limit the sale of ammunition. A National database can reduce the instances of sale from multiple outlets. No-one needs 10,000 rounds to protect themselves from a burglar.
✔ 8/ Impose strong penalties on the owner, when firearms are in the control of someone other than the original registrant.
✔ 9/ Stop all Gun Show sales immediately. Cooling off period before collection has no loopholes.
✔10/ Stop all sales of Automatic and semi-automatic weapons. Provide a 12 month Amnesty for people turning them in, before a total ban applies on ownership.
✔ 11/ Long barrel firearms may only be purchased with a current hunting license and only for use during that period and in the designated areas.

None of this is my preferred option. A redrafting of the Second Amendment is required. This can all be done under current legislation, adopted Nationwide and be a small start to the concept of responsibility.

The NRA is currently being viewed as a terrorist organization around the world. Regardless of its power, money and advertising, it needs to be investigated by Homeland Security as a threat to the nation.

The obsession with guns has to stop. They cannot be used to overthrow the Government, the US Military is the strongest in the world…. it is time to start behaving as civilized people.

Your opinion is valued

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