Free Energy Breakthrough

This video is from an organization destined to change the world.

Link – >  The future of Free Energy

I sincerely feel a genuine breakthrough has been made that may well open the 21st century as the nano-age. I would love to see more information.

From their site: “Nanoholdings is focused on developing nano-tech solutions across the four sectors of the energy economy – Generation, Transmission, Storage and Conservation – turning nanotech breakthroughs into commercially viable products and solutions. Our involvement in nano-energy, and its most important discoveries, is expanding rapidly and we are constantly working to find the next opportunities.”


Renewable technologies like solar and wind power provide some of our best options for a zero carbon future, but can’t provide a constant 24 hour supply of energy. The eBox is a new form of intelligent energy system that will solve this issue, providing power management and storage for individual households.

Small and cheap enough to be installed in individual homes, the eBox will be able to store and distribute power from both the grid and renewable sources, making it possible for individuals to store the electricity they generate themselves and use it at a time that’s convenient for them.

The eBox combines several nano-based technologies to create an intelligent storage system that can manage the way you store and use energy to make the most of low price, off-peak power and locally generated power from turbines and solar cells. By incorporating nanotechnology it makes all this possible at a size and price that is truly accessible for individual households.

The News from Nanoholdings can be monitored here

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