Internal Fit-out

Project Habitat:

Design a building standard for an internal building fit-out that is lightweight, strong, easily assembled from pre-fabricated components, suitable for residential and commercial applications, includes lighting and power connections.

High insulation, Low cost transport makes this system ideal for applications from Emergency Housing to Mining Towns and includes standard Office Fit-outs, Residential Additions, Factory Offices etc…

By creating a set of standardized component, transport and installation are kept to a minimum, reducing an internal fit-out to less difficulty than home furniture assembly.

Local building exo-structural materials can be employed – brick, timber, stone, pre-fab concrete, mud-brick, adobe etc… as the smart technology is included in the fit-out.

Major Design Components:


Made of Fire Retardant Polystyrene Foam for Sound and Heat insulation.

Clad with semi-rigid ABS sheeting or Formica style laminates ready for papering and painting.

Hung in a similar manner to sliding doors, then locked into place.

Moveable by the tenant to create variable internal structures.

Carry electrical and lighting switches and connections within their frames.

Simple to cutout for access panels, windows etc…


Superstructure carries mains power

Superstructure clips into multiple circuits equipped with circuit breakers.

Thermal/Sound Insulation and/or air heat venting built in to superstructure.

Standard flooring surfaces available


Lightweight construction allows for suspended ceiling construction.

Rigid superstructure allows for fixed construction

Made of Polystyrene foam for thermal /sound insulation

Demountable construction allows for large access ways.

Low Voltage lighting grid included per panel.

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