Eco Lighting

We have the technology, we even have the hardware, but we aren’t implementing it. The savings would be phenomenal.

Imagine a single light bulb, burning in a closet. It burns 24 hours a day. It lights the whole house. It can be solar powered, it can be wind powered or of course it can be powered from the grid. 

It can be 12 volt, 24 volt, 110 volt or 240 volt – personally, I’m going for 12 volt but 110 and 240 volt systems already exist.

As there is only a single bulb burning, wiring ceases to be a problem and ordinary switches are non existent.

Here’s the deal….

Fiber optics run from the light bulb to ‘light fittings’.  Low cost fiber-optic bundles are available at tiny cost, because the raw material is used for electronics, and much of it is not ‘electronics grade’ in manufacture. This re-use of the product for light transmission not only provides a cheap source of materials, but also assists the electronics industry by reducing their cost of waste.

Fiber bundles can run underwater without any need for regulations or inspections, they only carry light – no power.

The ‘Lighting Closet’ needs to be smart. Smarter than they currently are. 

Future forms will have piezo-electronic shutters that will ‘turn off’ the lights from remote switches in the various rooms. Of course these can all be computer controlled if you want to get fancy, but really, these are tiny garage doors that can block the light by using a garage door remote.

We can stick these on the wall to emulate current light switches, carry them in our pocket, or reduce it to an iPhone App.

Insurance companies will love the reduction is wiring problems, the ECO economy will love the saving in fossil fuels and Carbon Taxes. The manufacturers will love the possible product ranges that can be built on. It really is win, win, win.

Nothing here is new – it’s just that almost no-one is putting the pieces together.

So apart from the avant garde architectural usage, this system hasn’t been taken up by builders and home owners around the world – WHY?

  • Simplicity
  • Safety
  • Economically sustainable
  • Eco-concious

All images courtesy of UFO – click the link and show ’em some love.

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