Cyclone Bathroom

My proposal is that houses have a ‘core’ that is intrinsically safe. It has physical stability, acts as a keystone for the whole building, is impervious to most natural disasters by being earthquake rated, cyclone rated and fire rated. As the building keystone, roofing and wall structures can be attached to it to provide stability for the rest of the building, but the absolute rule is that the core remains sound.

By ‘over-engineering’ this one section the costs would seem untenable, but as these would be mass produced concrete ‘tunnels’ the price would quickly become competitive.

I call on governments around the world to offer prizes, grants or long term contracts to those that can come up with viable designs that create a safe haven for the population, are ecologically sound, sustainable and cost effective.

Please pass on this link and feel free to use any of my building design concepts together with your own to help create a better environment.

Pre-Stressed Bathroom1




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