Musings on a Muse

Originally Posted: Sat Mar 22, 2008

Now back in Port Macquarie, I miss the muses I found in the US!!!  It took so long to find them, and now I’m gone!!!

I have a need to create art, and I keep being approached by models that want to be sexy….

Sexy lasts for an hour and half (if you’re lucky), kids….  Art lives forever!

So…  now I need that someone to fall in the door, that will inspire, work, share, create memorable images with me. If I could have only conned Cass to come back from the US, or Donna & Simon to move in next door….
Where are you????  Do I need to go back to the US, and call on Abbey?

The rewards are terrible…. a place in history, imagery to show your grandchildren, a feeling of empowerment, a growth of spirit – a sense of belonging – ask any of them… they will tell you…

Wake up Port Macquarie!!!  Get with the program……   I need to produce!!!  Find me a model!!!

Exhibition quality prints, Coffee Table books are just waiting to fall off the back of the camera – they just need YOU!!

I don’t need the perfect figure, the most wonderful face – just some commitment….

Go Oz… show that you can do it too…..!!!

Psst New ~Austrek journal too !!!!

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