Hamming it up!

Originally submitted: Feb 15, 2007
Hamming it up

Sitting quietly at my middle class desk in front of my middle class computer, connected to the very ordinary power grid, and powered by good quality high speed broadband, has fooled me into believing I live in the sophisticated world.

I was awakened from my comfort zone yesterday, when, as agreed, I had produced a large set of photographic enlargements for one of my clients, and they came to collect them.

I had spent hours on the preparation for the shoot; meetings, themes, colours and moods; spent a delightful couple of hours on location with the client, had an opportunity to have a post mortem discussion over coffee with them, and then retired to my cave where I began the arduous, but rewarding task of editing them.

These images are to be used in a book, and so it was essential that they were treated with great respect, particularly in relation to matching saturation, colour depth, contrast etc.. to maintain a consistency for which my work is rarely known.

Days later, I emerged from the cave with more than 3 metres of finely edited prints. I was stoked! The best series of images I could possibly achieve, and everyone that saw them, ‘mooed pleasantly’.

Back to the point, Beau…   OK, so the client came in to collect these prints, now adequately trimmed and presented. The client had a large ‘recycle bag’ and handed it to me, as I handed over the prints.

They went through the prints and were totally rapt! …..Better than their wildest dreams!!! I was humbled. 

I was asked to look in the recycle bag, which I had totally forgotten in my desire to see the faces of my clients as they went through the pictures.

To my shock – inside the bag, perfectly wrapped, and looking as pink as a babies bottom, was a full leg of ham! “You don’t mind if we part pay you in produce, do you?” The part-time Organic Farmer said to me.

“Next week I’ll bring some bacon, and a few roasts, the tomatoes, zucchinis and beans are just about ready too.” 

Before you get all up in arms, I have carved the ham, and posted a slice to all of the Government Departments, with, of course, the largest portion going off to the Tax Department.

I now realise that I live in the country, not the city, and that my preconceived notions of broadband and air-conditioning are really to ease me into the move that was made out of the Capital City madness two years ago.

I guess I’m being accepted by the locals.

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