Fire Ravaged Victoria

Originally posted Monday Feb 9, 2009.

I am receiving reports from Australia that devastating bushfires have been ravaging most of Victoria, my home state in Australia. As I type, I have been told that a family that has been very close to me, and a model I have worked with, have all been burnt to death.

Currently there are reports of 210 deaths, over 800 homes burnt, several small towns without a single building left standing and pain is everywhere.

I feel entirely helpless, thousands of miles away as I watch news reports on and know that my own family is in there somewhere. I am cut off from them, there are so many power lines down, so much confusion, and no time to try to keep in touch with me.

There are Red Cross enquiry lines, but none of them have checked in as safe, yet.

The fear, the rawness and the concern have made me more human today than for a long time.

To all of those affected by these terrifying fires, my heart goes out to you.

When I was last in these areas they looked like this:


Please see images from `signalbox who lives in the fire ravaged area. 

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