Bail out, America

Originally Posted Feb 1, 2009

Just before I bail out – off to Europe, Asia and Australia, I thought I might give away the last portion of my feeble mind.


How did the US Government hand over billions of dollars without having a say in its use? What queue do I line up in to get some of this?

If the Government wants to bail out the country, they have an entirely different task at hand. Allow the Motor Vehicle and Housing juggernauts to start failing, and hire the laid off workers directly to perform infrastructure work – like High-Speed (bullet) trains around the country that are remarkably energy efficient. A couple of car makers might survive – good! A few might disappear forever – even better. America doesn’t need more choices, it needs fewer – lots fewer, that way true competition is out there, not some logo propped up by the poor people paying again, and again, and again.
Collect a few executives on Tax Evasion charges, and send them off to Devils Island – I guarantee they’re all guilty… and a “Shame” letter is not enough, Mr Obama, a seizure of assets based on obtaining money by false pretenses is a start.

Perhaps projects like constructing cellular telephone networks that are owned by the Government and leased back to providers that adhere to strict standards. (BTW – how is it in this country, that a person pays to receive a call – even an unsolicited one? They are paying for a service they did not order – thats just disgusting! No Government should allow that to happen.)

Perhaps constructing a set of measures to not only save water but to respect it as a resource. (In Australia all toilet cisterns have 2 buttons – 1/2 or full flush – a Pee and a Poop button, and they all use 1/4 of the water, and they all make it go away! – Every time! Hell – you can’t even find such a thing as a plunger in Australia – they have no use.)
The only water allowed for plant watering in many communities in Australia, is the run off from shower water – unhealthy? Think about the septic systems that flow through your property…

Get the people out of their cars and using bicycles – get them lean and fit, and get them to reclaim the streets – if the good people are out there, the bad ones will cringe in the darkest of alleys.

Now.. the biggies… the Medical System – Where in the Hippocratic Oath does it say that a Doctor only treats people that can afford it? Almost all doctors have broken their oath by playing this game with the insurance companies and making literally millions from other people’s hardship. The object of medical treatment is to make the nation strong and healthy, not to feather the nests of the classist elite that happen to have been wily enough to go to medical school.

This is the major reason that I for one will be heading back to Australia. I cannot afford to be sick or injured. The insurance companies get people to pay a fortune, and then pay back only 80% of the fees that are not in the control of the user. It’s a rort all round.

Boring you with comparisons of Australia again – every taxpayer pays 1.5% of their income as a tax for medical, and then anyone (employed, unemployed, child or retiree) walks into a hospital or doctor’s and has the required procedures done – free. The disadvantages? There are none. Elective surgery is by strict quotation beforehand and is ‘user pays’. There is no insurance for it.

Just before arriving in the US, I was admitted to hospital for an emergency procedure and walked out ten days later, after the best care in the world, without them charging me a penny – just took my health card number for statistical purposes – and they didn’t even bother with that until I was leaving.

Everyone has Insurance for everything they can afford – even insurances to cover the insurances – truly. If we got back into the spirit of self insuring – yes… take the gamble and boycott the insurance companies, we would all have so much more money to just re-purchase a damaged item.

And what is this amazing waste of resources where Mrs Smith rings 911 to say her cat is in a tree, and Ambulances, Firetrucks and Police all turn up to the event. Surely the right service doesn’t need the other services, or can radio for backup if it is really required. This waste and costliness is endemic and can only serve the purpose of growing bureaucratic empires for the individual cities.

The size and layering of Government is way too huge – just over the top. The costs of management are incredible, and in the meantime, the car executives are off to the Cayman’s with their loot in their private jets.

I expect to get firmly belted by all of you, but maybe this furriner will get just a few to rethink, to examine another possibility to look outside the square and start demanding their rights as individuals over that of Government and the Corporate thieves.

Wake up America – Your Country needs you!!!

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