A solid end to 2007

Originally Posted: Dec 20, 2007
Over the last few weeks I have had an article written about my life (am I that old?) by the noted French journalist Chris St James.Chris also interviewed me for his blog at Univers d’Artistes, and I must attest to his professionalism and research which I found very refreshing.  Often, journalists send out a bulk questionaire and just accept whatever is returned to them, however Chris wrote an article that made me wonder how he had found out so much about me, and then later, interviewed me, based on the information he had already found out. 

While my life will be interesting to very few, I recommend that any fine art nude photographers or models that are interested in making their mark, should contact Chris with a full knowledge of his integrity and know that if Chris does write about them, they will be treated openly and fairly and with a real intention to show the person behind the story.

Chris is also the European Editor of “Carrie Leigh’s Nude” magazine. This magazine is a quarterly publication, and is far more of a coffee table art book, than a vehicle for naked bodies. 

I missed the first edition (help.. somebody…!!!) have ordered the second (due out late December), and have been collaborating with Chris St James on an article for the third edition. I recommend this publication as essential background information for all Fine Art Students, Photographers, Models and those with a true interest in the Art of the Nude.

Chris has spurred me on to continue my writing, and who knows, perhaps I will have the opportunity to collaborate on another article in the future.

I have also continued on other publication ventures, and will be able to make an announcement shortly regarding the availability of my third book. (My first two books will NOT interest those who bother to read these pages!)

If you are interested in Carrie Leigh’s Nude magazine, the link is here: [link]

If you would like to read the article that Chris wrote about me, that link is : [link]

and the interview with me is located at : [link]

I promise you – interesting times are ahead…

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