2009 – A long year

Although I have traveled 20+ European countries, 40+ US states and half of Australia this year with my wonderful partner Gayle, it has been a tough one nonetheless. I miss my children deeply, and I cannot seem to ‘grow up and just move on’.

Being hospitalized and unable to walk more than a few steps at a time for much of the year has also meant my fitness level has dissipated, probably not to return. Accepting that realization was slow, but selling off my precious L series lenses because they were too heavy to carry, brought that message home.

Canon will not accept me as a professional photographer, because I don’t use the right gear – hell – I can’t lift the right gear, and a tripod does not make it any lighter Mr Canon!!! Is this a disability discrimination issue??? Canon doesn’t care… Perhaps Nikon, Olympus or someone will support me better… time to shop around now that I have less invested in Canon. Any clues or contacts?

Now it’s time to liberate the Art Gallery… It has stairs and I have come to realize that we are becoming mutually incompatible. The living/sleeping areas are upstairs, and sometimes that seems like Everest.

So officially, the Art Gallery, Framing Studio, Photographic Studio, Digital Pro-Lab, Cafe and Plant Nursery are up for sale. Come one, come all send in your bids. Port Macquarie is an unbelievable place to base yourself from – I know!!!

2010 will bring another level of freedom – less stuff, less roots, less.

Time to re-invent one more time – this time with a partner that accepts the challenge of this homo imperfectus.

Bring it on….

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