Recipe for change

Originally Posted: Mar 25, 2010


  • 1 Lawyer – International Law
  • 1 US Federal Lobbyist – Connected
  • 1 Patent Attorney – US & International
  • 1 Infrastructure Planning Co. – US & International Certified

These groups will form the core working party that will in turn contract work to major manufacturers and civil engineering corporations.
It is envisaged that a number of long term joint ventures and strategic alliances will be formed to carry forward this work over a period of ten to twenty years.
Serious recipe for change.

Time to gather together a few ideas people and create a new recipe.
I have the outline scenario mapped out, and so:

Expressions of interest now sought from those qualified organizations interested in input to a major infrastructure shift that will have repercussions at Local, State, Federal and International Levels; creation of new Major Projects and employment of thousands in high productivity areas, worldwide.

Everyone knows someone that knows someone – let’s see if DA has the reach…. Pass it on.

Registration of Initial Interest is required by May 1st.

Naturally, this notice will be available elsewhere also.

Your opinion is valued

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