Personal Stuff

Personal facts:

Denial has not seen any reduction in symptoms of late, but at least it reduces the days that MS thoughts get stuck in my brain.

I have lost a few friends to this disease now, and others are at varying stages, one has days or weeks to live, another has finally succumbed to a wheel chair as their full time home.  I am currently at a stage where I am mobile with discomfort for 3 weeks a month and immobile with discomfort the other week. Every 3 months I have a reprieve day that doesn’t actually hurt, but of course my muscle tone is so diminished, there is still little activity that I can be involved with.

Medical facts:

I have noted some unusual facts about MS that seem to be odds with each other.

  1. MS is largely geographically based, being more prevalent further from the equator.
  2. People that move to the equatorial regions from the sub-arctic regions, are equally less prone to MS as the local equatorians.
  3. Conversely people that move from the equatorial regions to sub arctic regions are equally as prone to develop the disease.
  4. Although MS is a myelin sheath based disease, symptoms show in the extremities first, slowly working back to the core.
  5. Although MS is brain & central nervous system based, early treatments include flushing blood and exchanging with plasma.
  6. Studies indicate that those people that have had severe intestinal viruses are more prone to display MS symptoms.

So, although there is no known cause or cure for MS, there is the possibility that air quality, UV radiation or diet may have some triggering effect that alters the onset, speed of onset or level of debility from attacks.

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