Holy Memory Card, Flatman!

Originally Posted : Sun Feb 10, 2008

Over the last few days we have been priveleged to have a number of dAers working in a collaborative team.
I cannot reccomend this practice highly enough…
We were graced with a visit from ~Neutral-Scott, ~mabeypics, ~sunstardevil, ~OhAbbey, and of course my partner in crime; *Intergrativeone and myself =BeauEromantica

Working in varying teams based on 4 photographers and 2 models, we worked in environments ranging from Home Studio to Urban Guerilla with a little Downtown tossed in for a variation.

As I am a stranger in a foreign land, I keep reading ‘No Trespassing’ signs as meaning ‘Hit & Run’.
I am assured that I am misinterpreting the meaning, and that my attitude is somewhat akin to painting a target on my back.

With a skilled and highly paid getaway driver gunning the car through vacant lots and abandoned buildings, an army of photographers with lenses raised at the ready and the light fading, the model slinks through the back alleys, jumps over broken glass in a single bound, and lands in a shaft of light that dreams are made of.

Loyalty and selflessness from *Intergrativeone for abandoning her camera, to talk down the property caretaker and save us all from the gallows….!!!

Each member of the team contributed to the exercise, each member gained something, all of us were able to see other’s approach to a given lighting/model/location, and yet we all came up with entirely different images.

A huge thank you to ~Neutral-Scott for travelling over a thousand miles (by the seat of his pants) to be a part of the local chapter of the Informal DA Collaborators of NC USA and for giving up his only days off to visit with us.

I’m sure that all concerned will have proof online, within a few days.


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