Jus’ thinkin’

I’m not an architect. Not even an engineer.

Fact is; I left school before I had learned to spell architect or engineer.
But I’m old enough to have caught a few courses and been around a few blocks. One of the things that has amazed me is that the human race has been building structures for thousands of years, and we have only got to…. here.

We know more about our environment, engineering moments of force and the natural and man made catastrophes than ever before, and we still have houses blown away, get burned to the ground, or flooded beyond use. What went wrong?

A big stone castle on a hill, surrounded by a moat should have been a wake up call, it wasn’t. We continue to purchase property in flood zones, cram them in together creating a fire risk, or build in the lower level of raised homes (i.e. Queenslanders) to have more useful space.

I have seen the devastation of Katrina in Louisiana, I have been burnt out of my home in Australia and lost four close friends to bushfires, I have friends that have lost their home to Cyclone Yasi, I have family that were prepared but still huddled terrified while they lost part of their roof and waited for the rest to go.

Wake up call. It’s cheaper to do it well from the start, save on insurance, save on heartache and maybe even save lives. This is a call to all governments to create a think tank of people that are willing to look outside the box – a little lateral thinking – to come up with new standards that fit our lives, the 21st Century.

The ideas that I have been posting will seem naive to the engineers – good – prove me wrong by doing better. If you want to slam any of my ideas – make sure you have a better one.

One thought on “Jus’ thinkin’

  1. Doesn’t take an architect or engineer to hit the nail on the head. Building standards desperately need an overhaul and some parctical thinking.


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