Beau Nestor has been a world traveller since 1978. 

Originally as a Fashion Photographer, based in Melbourne, Australia,  but working for 6 weeks in Europe followed by 2 weeks in Australia, Beau racked up the frequent flyer points.

Maintaining this for 15 years was something of an epic, maintaining relationships during this time, was impossible.

Opening a computer programming business in 1988 under the name of Solutions by Design, followed by the data recovery business, Precise Data Recovery Services in 1992 led the way into the hi-tech arena.

Inventions abounded to solve new problems. Four Patents were granted and software that was innovative and challenging was created. The software written in 2002 is still the leader in the industry as it can be updated in minutes to accommodate new operating systems and file systems.

Travel never stopped. 

Precise Data Recovery Services ceased operations in 2004 at the height of its growth.

Health took precedence and early retirement became the only option when Beau was diagnosed with MS after a series of fit-like events.

Since that time Beau has moved from his Melbourne base to the Mid North Coast of NSW, Australia, traveled to more than 40 countries, created websites and pursued his hobby as a photographer with his wife, Gayle.

Now that mobility is limited, travel is less likely, but the thousands of images taken will provide editing opportunities well into his retirement.

Beau continues to invent, blog and post images both here and on his sites at:




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