Climate change has been declared a reality by the UN – time for some big moves by courageous governments.

Sea levels have risen and are continuing to rise.

Extreme weather events are obvious to the world.

I will be hosting a Climate Change page on my own site to monitor activities, brainstorm ideas and hopefully attract a few smarter scientists than myself.

My initial thoughts;

Australia should create an inland sea, holding rainwater (and retaining) water from the ocean. The deeper, the better. Evaporation suppressing covers etc…
We need to consider separating H2O into Hydrogen and Oxygen on a grand scale.
Floodwaters need to be directed away from the oceans perhaps using levees to funnel excess rainfall where it can be captured, and away from the evaporative ‘watershed’ rather than sent to sea.

A massive dam project starting with a bomb crater might be required.
Mining companies will reap huge rewards – and will pay for it in producing water retention.

Your opinion is valued

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