Australia – 2014 to 2033

Australia – A short History of Development from
2014 to 2033

The great period of development occurred in Australia from 2014.


2014 – Political Debates and final acceptance of Fuel and Food Security initiatives.

2015 – The creation of the Solar Roadway from Brisbane (Qld) to Perth (W.A.)

2015 – ‘Cyclone Bathroom‘ adopted into building standards for all new permanent structures.

2015 – Unemployment dropped to 5% while Under Employment dropped to 12% due to infrastructure changes

2016 – Unveiling of Algal Fuel System No.1 in Western Queensland – 1000 hectares of BioFuel with local waste treatment.

2017 – Brisbane declares itself Energy Neutral as Passive Solar,  Biofuel and Waste Management practices embed into society.

2018 – Unemployment down to 4%, Under Employment down to 8% due largely to the Bio Fuel Industry and the opening of Australia’s Outback.

2019 – New Lithium Batteries store power from Solar Roadways – 90% Energy Independence for Australia.

2020 – Spread of Australian Population increases as employment opportunities abound in the Outback.

2021 – Massive Dam project Part One comes online – Solar Collectors act as Evaporation dampeners.

– Australia is ‘water positive’ for the first time. 15% of Inland Rainfall is being captured.

2022 – First Solar Freeway introduced for Electric Cars being powered by induction powered from the road system

2023 – Australia is the first country to offer free electricity to households.

2024 – Unemployment down to 3%, Under Employment drops to 5%

2025 – Sydney declared Carbon Neutral and Energy Neutral.

2026 – Outback Massive Dams Project Part 2 comes online – fresh water retention to guard against rising seas, provide water security and to provide inland irrigation.

2027 – Foods from Algal Fuel System No 2 in Western Australia provide food security for Australia – 1 year of positive food stocked.

2028 – Technology exports bring safe habitation and potable water throughout Africa and Asia – retention basins commenced.

2029 – Australia declared first country to be Carbon Neutral and Energy Neutral.

2030 – Further fresh water retention basins come online in an effort to maintain or drop sea levels.

2031 – Middle East adopts Australian Technology for water retention – Waste become compost, Oases become rainforests.

2032 – Lake Eyre becomes largest Algal Food System in the world, capable of feeding 50% of Africa.

2033 – World declared Food and Fuel secure as production increases to 130% of usage.


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