Theoretically Unified

The natural existence of a Time / Space ‘Clock’ (TSC) that synchronizes planetary / stellar / galactic orbits and spacing (think Greenwich Mean Time that is used to synchronize Earth Time Zones but an element of physics)
The natural existence of human (and other) DNA linked ‘clock’ that is linked to the Earth’s ‘Time Space’ clock. (HTSC) (Perhaps we have looked at Biorhythms as a more measurable form of this)
The ‘clocks’ and links between them are based on an electro-magnetic force. (XEMF)
These are as real as ‘Air’ and ‘Gravity’ – we simply don’t see them but they are active at all times.
Using this hypothesis, many inexplicable occurrences can be discussed and argued.
Schizophrenia, Alien Encounters and many so called Mental Disturbances = XEMF disturbance. The person is sane, but they are out of synch with HTSC. They may hear voices that are from out of time or from a different place. They may speak to or be examined by ‘aliens’, God, dead relatives or simply generalized voices. They may see things that have never (yet) existed, existed in the past, or exist elsewhere, whether past present or future.
Déjà vu = Momentary blip in HTSC allowing ‘pre-memory’
Dreams = Momentary re-indexing of HTSC, creating distortions of past, present, future, place, space and even different physical
Time Travel = Balancing TSC, HTSC and XEMF to achieve a defined point in the ‘normal’ Space/Time Continuum that is not the current point.
Philadelphia Experiment = Semi controlled Interference of the XEMF, HTSC with the TSC
Radar Cloaking = Controlled Local Interference of the XEMF
Stargate = a real potential
This puts a new view on the concept of Astrology – the manner that the balance of cosmic forces has on humans… perhaps the Ancients were closer than even they realized.
Close encounters of the Third Kind, UFOs, Alien visitation, may all be explained as the ability of others (maybe ourselves) to control these forces.
This is a mechanism to think beyond the normal finite boundaries that control us. It is not something to believe, follow or change, but a mechanism for discussing apparently disparate events with a more simplified ‘Unified Theory’.
I welcome your input.


4 thoughts on “Theoretically Unified

  1. The electromagnetic force is carried by photons, photons do not affect time (although, quantum particles with mass can… but photons don’t).
    Time is a non-absolute function of the universe (that is what Einstein’s theory of relativity is about).
    Most mental conditions can be suppressed with drugs; are you supposing time can be re-aligned with medication?
    Astrology is the assumption that the relative position of burning balls of hydrogen is a region of space completely isolated from us by universal speed limits have an influence on a person’s life depending on when in the solar cycle they were born…


    • The hypothesis includes the possibility that mental aberrations of many sorts can be effected by the alignment or non-alignment of thinking, which may result from a personal space/time flux – i.e. being OK for 1978 or 2078, but not OK for 2012. Or perhaps being OK for Mars or Saturn, but not OK for Earth. Given an infinite Stargate, that person may fit in to a different Time/Space culture.
      Perhaps the drugs are a way of removing the specific from a person and allowing the more acceptable baseline to show through (e.g. Lithium)

      Astrology was an attempt to explain the inexplicable. It failed, but made pretty pictures that the ‘then knowledge’ could relate to – somewhat. Instead of a thinking tool, it became a belief and a pseudo-religion.

      My hypothesis links the harmonics of DNA to the harmonics of the Earth, to that of the Solar System to that of the Constellation, Galaxy and Universes. Perhaps a tool for thinking, more than a hypothesis – I am just beginning to think, and my lack of knowledge gives me a blue sky advantage.


  2. I am trying, genuinely trying, but I don’t see how this post makes sense.
    I don’t mean ‘in the context of relativity and other scientific discoveries what you are saying is wrong’, I mean I have absolutely zero comprehension of what you are talking about.
    What is a personal space/time flux? Why would an intelligence function on Saturn but not on Earth (with the obvious exception of basic biology: if it can survive on Saturn it’ll probably die on Earth)?
    What is a blip in a space/time clock? What is a space/time clock? How would a blip in it affect cognition without affecting any material thing?

    I don’t understand what you’re saying.


    • Consider: A wavelength emanating from personal Biorhythms that is harmonically balanced to the person’s space time. In a simple sense, if I was to move to Africa, I might be seen as less intelligent, because I don’t understand the language, the customs or culture – so by being out of ‘synch’ with my Western customs, I can be seen as virtually retarded.

      Now move me off to Saturn, or another Galaxy, and I will be way out of synch with their language, customs, culture etc… and my methods of measuring their culture, would also be based on my current Earth/Western/English knowledge.

      So I am considering the concept that our ‘Biorhythms’ are in tune with our Earth and Time and would not work effectively in a different place and time. That then allows me to look at anomalies, where people are out of synch within their own Earth and Time – for example – when people dream, they experience a different reality, (or when people hear voices, have been probed by aliens or are diagnosed with autism, pre-cognitive functions etc…)

      My conjecture is that (e.g.) a dream may be a ‘blip’ in the Biorhythms where other Places and Times are able to be visualized as though that person was in Africa, Saturn or wherever and at a time that could be past present or future. This appears to be the nature of dreams.


      The Space/Time Clock refers to quantifying a 4 dimensional position just as a GPS does but on the Universe Scale. The Eiffel tower moves in both (Cosmic) space and time. The plot of land was a farm 1000 years ago and the tower was iron ore. Since being built it has moved millions of miles through the Cosmos and aged a further 100+ years. The Space/Time Clock provides a Cosmic Grid Reference for defining the exact (Cosmic) position of the Eiffel Tower at any given moment.

      If I am on the Eiffel Tower, I am ‘synched’ to it so that we move in time and space together. If became out of synch, I may be standing on a farm 1000 years ago or standing on rock on Saturn. Naturally, the synchronization is critical. A blip refers to minor out of synch, generating a dream, a creative thought, or perhaps the appearance of autism or schizophrenia.

      Time travel would require a controlled change in Synchronization, so that the Eiffel Tower existed, and I existed, but our synch was altered – maintaining the XYZ co-ordinates, but relocating the Time co-ordinate.

      This is reportedly what happened during the Philadelphia experiment, where people were reported to have become embedded in the fabric of the ship when they attempted to re-synchronize the position of the ship, without realizing that people had moved on board to a place where the structure of the ship took up the same space as the people.

      The reason that the blip would not affect a material thing is that I am discussing a Person’s Blip, not a Thing’s Blip. For all of you that are in synch, nothing has changed, but I may have disappeared, grown older/younger or have a ‘vision’ that others cannot see. Naturally, they may think of me as odd, when I recount my experience as being entirely different to theirs.

      I hope that makes it somewhat clearer….. Once again, just a way of visualizing, not a statement of scientific fact.


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