Congratulations to ‘Zen’

Congrats Zen!

At last! How come they took so long to figure it out?

Over the last six weeks I have kept my leg in the air as a glowing beacon to all the tropical insects that follow the storms and humid days. I have determinedly kept it aloft to be fit enough to attend the wedding of my wonderful friends who are together known to me affectionately as ‘Zen”. Their name got stuck when I needed to identify some images of them, but didn’t want to have their names displayed publicly.

I have known one member of the Zen Family since my days in Melbourne, around the time that my business was closed due to my declining health, advancing age and the complaints from family that I spent too much time at work anyway. She-Zen was a Fashion Model who had the opportunity to take the industry by storm. I was fortunate enough to work with her a few times before I left Melbourne in search of a bucket to write a list on.

She-Zen came to visit me at an old Art Gallery / Craft Shop that I purchased as part of my sea-change. It was to be a few weeks holiday by the ocean during her Xmas University break. That continued on for two years, the remodelling of the Art Gallery, (extensive renovations that cost all I had) and a complete change for She-Zen in her lifestyle.

Leaving her parental home, her full time studies, her lifetime of friends to share the growth of the Art Gallery had never been on her agenda… it just happened that way. Of course the fact that the local area had a great supply of fit and healthy young men didn’t seem to hurt either. She-Zen met He-Zen and as they grew closer, the days of the Art Gallery became numbered by the Local Council.

Renovations to the Gallery of 35 years, had apparently taken it away from the allowed usage of  ‘Home Business’ and into the realm of ‘Commercial Enterprise’. As tourist numbers in Port Macquarie continued to dwindle, Council declared the Gallery shut until further notice.

Fortunately, She-Zen had been working on expanding her own skill set, beyond the Gallery walls. With the imminent closure of the Gallery, She-Zen was able to move seamlessly to greener pastures, tutoring secondary students and applying her skills in the IT industry.

He-Zen was already well established in his own business, was arranging to purchase a home and just needed to meet the love of his life.  He did.

Of course I take full credit for their meeting… well, if She-Zen wasn’t in town, she may have never met He-Zen!

I wish I had a right to feel pride – I’m not a parent, not a relative – so I have no right to feel that way. But I do…. I’m bursting with pride! Gotta get it when you can!

Last Saturday, they were married. Visitors came from around the world to wish them well in their new lives as man and wife. I was well enough to make it to the wedding, but now, it’s time to pay the piper… yep… flat on my back with my glowing leg in the air.

(I’ll be back when I can sit upright for more than a few minutes – B)

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