MS doesn’t incapacitate me

I had a problem walking and fell down a few steps. Not far enough to wipe out the memory of how to get up again, just far enough to graze and bruise  my ankle. Damn touchy things, ankles.  Swelling went down in a couple of hours, graze turned out to be a small lump of me that had been shared with the DNA soup that exists around all the steps in my place. It seemed to heal over OK.  Of course, a week later, my foot was swollen, red, inflamed, hot and running rampant with that delightful strain of cellulitis that wants slowly bloat my body painfully. The Doc said … Flucloxacillin… damn, that stuff is a pain in the gut… again.  Of course the doctor said I should be getting more exercise… hmmm….  and that I needed to elevate my foot… hmmm again.

After trying for 3 days to exercise with my foot elevated, I have given up. The footprints on the ceiling got me into trouble with Her Inside.

I went out the front door for a bit of air and ground level exercise. I failed. I fell headlong into the bushes and scraped all the skin off….  my (same) foot!

Imagine for a moment an oversized electric pencil sharpener…. One that is just the right size to accept a human size 9 foot….  Imagine the damage it could do to that said foot in just 2 seconds…. Now you know how I feel.

Back to the Doctor, culture swabs, ‘Nasty Staph!!!” Betadine and a good lie down.

MS doesn’t incapacitate me… it doesn’t get a chance…


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